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Through a career that has spanned two decades and led me to achievements I could never have imagined, I have realized my goals as a practitioner are guided by something few medical experts care to discuss. The way western medicine is practiced isn’t necessarily what’s best for healing.

Having gone through rigorous surgical and medical training, I have witnessed firsthand how the system fails from the inside. In this new chapter of my career, my chief ambition is to share what I’ve learned in a way that helps people decipher complex medical ideas by way of cohesive, accessible, information. I want to take medical information, distill it, and present it in a way that gives people access to their own bodies. 

I am not rebellious by nature.

I am not a disruptor.

I am an idealist.

When you think outside the box, however, it is often misinterpreted as disruption to an ideal. Ironically, that's how progress happens.

It is a new era. A time for change in many regards.

I am driven by empowered healing, not dogmatism.

I am connected to my work with focused, researched facts, accompanied by an often irreverent sense of humor. There is a time and place for everything, and medicine should also be treated as such. Laughter is indeed a wonderful medicine!

I look forward to doing everything I can to make a difference. And as I fully stand in my truth as a professional practitioner, I am grateful to share what I have learned - so we can all HEAL.