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In today’s breastfeeding friendly environment, the pressure to nurse is intense. We hear over and over that breastfeeding is natural, and every woman can do it. The truth is, the majority of moms need help breastfeeding, but they’re forced to sift through varying viewpoints from a dizzying host of sources instead of being able to turn to a doctor for advice. And when breastfeeding doesn’t work and they’re forced to give up, they’re the ones getting blamed for failure. What modern women need is information, not opinions: science-backed facts to help them make their own informed decisions about breastfeeding, without feeling ashamed or bullied.
In Better Breastfeeding, Dr. Linda Dahl presents a new paradigm for breastfeeding based on diagnosing and treating mothers and babies using anatomy and physiology. She offers a comprehensive overview of how breastfeeding works, why it fails, and what to do about it. Dr. Dahl takes you through the basics of breastfeeding in a week-by-week guide and explores solutions for little-understood difficulties like gape restriction and tongue tie, nipple and breast pain, issues with milk supply, or abnormal nursing behaviors.
Better Breastfeeding is the all-encompassing, no-holds-barred primer that every mom needs before and during her breastfeeding journey so she can advocate for herself and her baby.

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