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Yes. You read that correctly.

There is so much information on breastfeeding, it is often hard to know where to turn. Not to mention it is all packaged in primary colors and a precious sense of reverence that couldn't be farther from the feat of nature it truly is!

Much of what goes on during breastfeeding is internal and invisible. What is often passed off as knowledge is little more than guesswork based on what is seen from the outside. Based on these inferred guesses, expectations of what is considered “normal” during breastfeeding become confused and often contradictory.

When it comes to you and your baby, you deserve better than educated guesses. What commonly happens during nursing is not necessarily what is supposed to happen. My new publication on Medium entitled  SUCK IT!  has everything you need to know to get started breastfeeding and understand the mechanics behind the moving parts. It will also help you clarify why you are having difficulty and what your options are.

Feel free to follow me to learn a multitude of valuable information! From the anatomy of lactating breasts to helping your baby achieve the perfect latch, I will be cataloguing an absolutely Wikipedic amount of information  - all presented in the simplest way possible with a straight forward, practical approach.


Empowerment is soon to be yours! 

I am now available for house calls. You can request a visit through the contact page.

Click below to read my new publication entitled SUCK IT!