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Dr. Dahl is a breastfeeding specialist with over 20 years experience working with breastfeeding moms and babies. She has safely treated tens of thousands of newborns with feeding disorders.

There is so much information on breastfeeding, it is often hard to know where to turn. And it’s not surprising. Much of what goes on during breastfeeding is internal and invisible. Because there is very little formalized training in medicine about breastfeeding, expectations of what is considered “normal” during breastfeeding often becomes confused and contradictory.

When it comes to you and your baby, you deserve medically sound diagnosis and treatment options that go beyond best guesses. Breastfeeding is complex and individual. Diagnosis and treatment is not one size fits all. 

If you are having trouble breastfeeding and need breastfeeding advice you can trust, schedule an appointment with Dr. Dahl today.

Common Breastfeeding Issues

  • Latching Issues

  • Milk Supply Issues

  • Tongue Tie

  • Lip Tie and Posterior Tongue Tie

  • Gas, Reflux, and Colic

  • Prolonged Feeding

  • Falling Asleep at the Breast

Dr. Dahl created an online breastfeeding platform called Better Breastfeeding. It is an online breastfeeding class and so much more! You learn at your own pace and use the Virtual Breastfeeding Specialist to do a self-assessment even before your visit. Subscribe to Better Breastfeeding today!

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