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When my daughter was born at the end of my surgical residency, I was determined to breastfeed. My maternity leave was only 6 weeks, and I believed breastfeeding was the best way to stay connected to her. But after she was born, there were challenges. She nursed endlessly, I had terrible pain, and she wasn't gaining weight. I sought help from doctors and lactation consultants but my struggle continued. I was told breastfeeding was supposed to come easily, but when it didn’t, I blamed myself. It turns out, I wasn’t alone.

In 2023, I founded Better Breastfeeding, an online platform to educate breastfeeding moms around the world and train doctors to provide the same care I provide in my practice.


I see myself in all mothers, and I see my daughter in all babies. I want to help as many mothers and babies as possible avoid suffering and feel empowered and connected, no matter what their feeding choice.

Countless mothers suffer because few doctors specialize in breastfeeding and even fewer understand its anatomic and physiologic complexities. Over the last 20 years, I've dedicated my career to figuring out why breastfeeding is challenging for so many moms and babies and worked hard to develop solutions. I’ve written two books, treated tens of thousands of mom/baby dads, opened a breastfeeding center, and developed a new paradigm for the evaluation and treatment of breastfeeding.

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