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Vocal professionals are nothing short of athletes.


The physical demands placed on your instrument and your body are no less intense and demanding than those of professional sports athletes. While other athletes pride themselves on having a team of medical professionals to support them in their endeavors, vocal professionals often pride themselves in NOT relying on support.

But there is plenty of support available, in the form of voice doctors, speech therapists, vocal coaches, bodyworkers, etc. And you deserve all of that expertise to help you attain your vocal goals and maintain your voice.

A voice doctor has specialized training, equipment, and experience that other ear, nose, and throat doctors don't have. If you have never visited a voice doctor, it is important to develop a relationship early in your career. Your voice doctor becomes your ally – someone who knows you and knows your instrument; someone who can expertly monitor your voice over time and identify and preemptively treat vocal issues before they become serious. And in the event of sudden symptoms or health issues – especially if you are on the road – you’re only a phone call away from someone familiar with your history who can offer support and treatment to keep your voice in top shape.

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