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The ultimate modern-day breastfeeding guide, with empowering, medically sound advice and solutions for the trickiest issues -- from a pioneering ENT doctor and breastfeeding expert! Better Breastfeeding is the all-encompassing, no-holds-barred primer that every mom needs before and during her breastfeeding journey so she can advocate for herself and her baby...

“I really wish this book had been around when I was having my babies. Linda has made the information that we actually need and want available to us all in a straightforward, accessible, easy-to-comprehend way, never losing sight of how fraught these early days of motherhood can be. She has given us all a gift.”

Brooke Shields

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Tooth And Nail chronicles the 3 1/2 years Dahl spent as an ENT surgeon by day and a ringside physician by night. Dahl’s story offers a modern examination of sexism, dislocation, the theater of boxing and a roadmap for how to excel in two very different male-dominated worlds...

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A book for health care practitioners who work with breastfeeding mothers; physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, and lactation consultants that provides clear information and clinically tested strategies to help professionals guide new mothers to breastfeed successfully. A Clinician's Guide To Breastfeeding is the first of its kind to consider the entirety of the breastfeeding experience... 

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