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Vocal Issues Due to Overuse or Abuse


Vocalists have a natural gift. But for most, this gift has to be developed for the long term. Proper training goes a long way to ensure that you can perform with endurance and ease. Ironically, the more you push to create sound, the tighter and smaller your voice will be - and the more prone you will be to swelling, straining, and injury.  Vocal support should come from your pelvis and lower abdomen, so your larynx can move freely and easily, and your sound can be more robust. 


Overuse, misuse, lack of air support, straining, screaming, excessive clearing of the throat, excessive coughing or even choking on a piece of food, if ignored, can lead to an injury that may need prolonged vocal rest and/or surgical treatment.


Demanding schedules, singing and speaking, can make it hard to maintain proper technique. And sometimes, there is just no “human” way to get through everything without help. Since so many behaviors are ingrained, having a professional outside of yourself is the only way to gain perspective and fix chronic problems. Working with a trained voice teacher, speech therapist, bodyworker, chiropractor, physical therapist, massage therapist, and even Reiki healer can help you identify and treat areas that need attention.

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